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Our firm is renowned for its expertise in international family law cases, which are a daily part of our business.

We know from experience that the needs of international families are specific. Marital crises are even more anxiety-provoking when facing a foreign legal system whose philosophy may be far removed from the culture and law of your nationality and whose language you do not master.

Our support is designed to reassure you and give you a point of reference in the face of this unknown.

In the event of an international dispute, we offer you holistic support, involving all the parties necessary for its resolution. To do this, we draw on a solid network of professionals in France and abroad (lawyers, mediators, psychologists).

We'll help you resolve your problems, wherever you live, and help you unravel complex family situations.

We practice in French, English and Italian and offer a remote consultation service, by phone or videoconference.

The couple


  • Marriage contracts, choice of matrimonial property regime and applicable law, prenuptial agreements
  • Registration in France of marriages celebrated abroad Recognition of foreign common-law unions
  • International separations and divorces

International separations and divorces

  • Divorces in France or abroad (mutual consent / litigation)
  • International family mediation
  • Financial consequences of break-ups (alimony determined under foreign law, compensatory allowance, damages)
  • Registration in France of divorces ordered abroad,


  • Drafting of post-nuptial agreements
  • Liquidation of a foreign matrimonial property regime
  • Additional amicable or judicial partition of assets in France
  • Foreign pensions (Swiss pillars, American 401k, etc.)


  • Organisation of parental authority arrangements (determination of cross-border residence, international access/visiting and accommodation rights, maintenance adapted to international travelling)
  • Applying or contesting foreign law to establish parentage
  • Simple or full adoption
  • Illegal abduction of children
  • International relocation
  • Registration of filiation (especially post surrogacy)

Specific technical and legal issues

  • International lis pendens (parallel seizures of two courts)
  • Issues of a jurisdiction or lack of jurisdiction of French courts
  • Res judicata of foreign decisions

Foreign judgments

  • Recognition and enforcement of A Foreign judgment (divorce, parentage, adoption, children, delegation of parental authority, kafala…)
  • Opposition to mirroring a Foreign judgment contrary to French international rules

International recovery of maintenance

  • Implementation of international conventions or European regulations designed to facilitate recovery
  • Referral to Foreign lawyers for local recovery procedures

Experts in French law for foreign proceedings

  • Drafting of written legal opinions requested by foreign lawyers
  • Acting as international experts before foreign courts
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